Moving to India: The Best Way to Send Personal Effects

If you are looking to move to India from Australia, the best way to send your personal items is to use a specialist logistics company which ships to one of the major ports, or couriers into one of the main airports.

These days airlines give you very limited (if any) free check in luggage when flying and their excess baggage charges are extraordinarily high.  You will save yourself stress, hassle and money if you choose to use a freight forwarder which specialises in sending large shipments overseas such as World Baggage. The benefits of using such a company to send your personal effects from Australia to India include:

  • Knowledge that your personal effects will arrive safely and securely at it’s destination.
  • Huge savings on both small and large shipments.
  • A variety of services to choose from including excess baggage shipping, air freight, sea freight, door to door delivery and pick-up from your home.
  • Optional services such as freight insurance and secure bag wrapping.
  • Free no-obligation, online quotes.
  • Tracking of all shipments.

Many individuals, airlines and agencies trust their quality service of these companies. A list of some companies which specialise in these services can be found by searching online.

Visa for Visiting Sweden and Australia

In Sweden entry visas are governed by the rules in the Schengen Agreement and the validity time for a visa is maximum 90 days for a temporary visit. For stays longer than 90 days a residence permit is required.

The Schengen member states are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

You can apply for a visa at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi. In Mumbai and Kolkata Sweden is represented by Italy and in Chennai by Germany. Applicants from Nepal may apply at the Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu. Applicants from the Maldives may apply at the Embassy of Sweden in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In Australia entry visas are governed by working holiday’s visas. The main purpose of this visa is to allow the visitor an extended holiday and also have short term work to gain funds to help live in Australia.

A visitor also has an opportunity to turn resident and work in the country for a temporary basis up to 1 and 4 years by applying for a 457 visa.

One of the requirements of this visa is to have 457 Health Insurance , visit IMAN 457 Health Insurance for more information.

Consular and Visa Matters :Residence and Work permit

The information on this page is primarily intended for nationals from India, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives.

For more detailed information about rules and requirements for obtaining a residence and/or work permit in Sweden as well as application forms, kindly refer to the website of the Migration Board (

Application forms for residence and/or work permits inlcuding visa insurance, are also available at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi, or at any of the Swedish Consulates in India, Nepal or the Maldives.

The application procedure below concerns:

  1. persons with an offer of employment in Sweden (including au pair/seasonal work,
    performing artists and sportsmen/coaches)
  2. persons who intend to start a company or enter into a company partnership in
  3. persons who have been admitted for studies and as visiting researchers
  4. persons who intend to settle in Sweden by reason of family ties

When the Embassy has received the duly filled in application form an appointment for an interview will be given if the purpose of the application is to reunite with a family member. The waiting time for an interview is approx. three months. After the interview the application will be sent to the Migration Board in Sweden for decision. The applicant will be informed by the Embassy about the decision.

When the purpose of your visit is to work, attend studies or visit as a researcher the application will be sent to the Migration Board in Sweden directly, without an interview.

The processing time is approx. 2-6 weeks.

If the offer of employment exceeds three months a residence , and work permit is required. When the duration of work is less than three months a visa and work permit is required.

If you are granted the permit you have applied for, it will be endorsed in your passport. You may collect the passport personally or send someone else with a letter of authority along with the receipt given by the Embassy. Your passport may also be returned to you by registerd mail a/d which is free of cost. If courier mail is preferred you are requested to cover the current fee. Kindly note that the Embassy/Consulate is responsible for the safety of your passport while it is kept in their offices, but not for mail service, i e postal or courier service.

Travel Advice : For travellers to India

Due to the current political instability the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the state of Jammu and Kashmir unless absolutely necessary.

Please note that for travel to Assam and the other northeastern states a special permit from the Indian authorities is required.

While in India travellers should be vigilant, avoid crowds and religious or political manifestations.

Travellers are advised to purchase travel insurance, follow media news carefully and, if they so wish, give contact information and inform of travel plans to the honorary consulates in Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta) and Chennai (Madras).

The Embassy continuously monitors developments in the country and revises its travel advice whenever justified.

Sweden in India


In its work to promote Sweden, the Embassy seeks to involve culture as a means to achieve this aim. A general task for all Swedish embassies is to make Swedish culture available to all, including governmental bodies, private organisations an the general public. It is also important to encourage and initiate cultural exchanges in order to strengthen the bonds between Sweden and the host country. To achieve the latter, cultural programmes run by Swedish embassies also include student exchanges, as well as research, scientific and other academic collaborations.

Swedish Culture in India

The presentation of Swedish culture in India has mostly been focused on film, literature and music. Swedish films have been displayed throughout the country at various thematic film festivals, while Swedish literature and music have mostly been introduced to the Indian public by visiting authors and musicians from Sweden.

Cultural Exchanges

The work of deepening Indo-Swedish relations through cultural exchanges has mostly been informal in character. It has taken the form of visits by Swedish cultural personalities to India and vice versa. Most of this work has been with music and literature. In the past years, the literature exchanges have materialised into translation project for Swedish works into Indian languages and Indian works into Swedish.

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes, awarded annually in Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, are internationally recognised as the world’s most coveted civil honours. They were created by Alfred Nobel, tireless Swedish inventor and global industrial magnet, linguist, philosopher and humanist.

For more information on Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize visit the homepage of the The Nobel Foundation.


A Celebration of Swedish Design

The Embassy of Sweden is hosting a party in the first week of Aug to launch a special issue of the A+D magazine. A+D is dedicating their July/August issue to Swedish design and architecture. The issue will contain articles and illustrations on industrial design, fashion, architecture both for housing and for public buildings, furniture, glass design etc.

The focus of the party is to high light Swedish architecture and design to create an interest and a positive impression not only among the experts but also among role models in society, the fashion conscious and people interested in design as well as the media.

The party will be held at the Ambassador´s residence which in itself is a wonderful and representative example of the once path breaking, now already classical design style referred to as Swedish Modern. The interior also contains furniture and objects in the same style that were created by Swedish designers and craftsmen. In addition, there are some examples of classical Swedish 18th century design and art. Every guest will receive a copy of A+D as they leave and the magazine will be on display.

The idea is to have a fun and lively party with drinks and snacks served in this Swedish design setting, accompanied by 21th century music. Cool and sophisticated but still happening and fun.

Minister’s visit (April 2003)Mr. Leif Pagrotsky, the Swedish Minister of Trade, Industry and Communications, visited India from 01-04 April 2003. Leading an impressive delegation from the Swedish business sector, the visit was aimed at awakening interest in India and to launch Sweden as an investment country. “There is enormous potential in India. It is gradually opening up its borders to the surrounding world. I would like to draw the attention of Swedish companies to this. We need to assert ourselves here, to improve the economic growth and boost employment in Sweden.” he said. After meeting with some key people in the Central Govt. in New Delhi, Mr. Pagrotsky proceeded to Bangalore, where he held meetings with prominent decision makers in the Karnataka govt. as well as prominent private and public sector representatives


The Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi

The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi is responsible for the Swedish Honorary Consulates in India (Calcutta, Chennai and Mumbai); Nepal (Kathmandu) and the Maldives (Malé). The Ambassador in New Delhi is also accredited to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives